Your Complete Guide to Bingo Calls

There’s a rich and storied history behind those bingo calls that we hear flung around so often online and in halls. Even in the online world, bingo lingo prevails and is still a huge part of what makes bingo fun for many players. Join us as we go through where it all began and why bingo slang is still widely used to this day.

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First Things First

So where did all the fun of bingo calls begin? To find out, we need to go right back in time to old school bingo halls. In these halls, the machines were often very noisy and there were no microphones to make sure that the caller was heard.

As you can imagine, this led to a host of problems with people hearing the wrong numbers or not at all. Bingo calls evolved to rhyme with a number, so there was twice as much chance of the player hearing and understanding. From there, it has evolved into the fun slang that we know today and it’s still used online as a way to communicate.

Here are some examples of these slang terms and their origins:

#2 – One Little Duck – The slang for this one comes from the fact that the number two looks like a duck’s neck.
#25 – Duck and Dive – Based on the rhyming pattern between the number and phrase.
#90 – Top of the Shop – The highest number possible in 90 ball bingo.

There are a few different calls for each number, though only one will usually be used on a site. These can reference all sorts of different things, from famous people to medicines prescribed in the war. It’s a really interesting way to look back and find out what people spoke about many years ago.

The New Slang

The idea that bingo players are all a little older doesn’t really hold up in the online world, as it attracts those of all ages. As a result, bingo lingo UK is changing to cater to a younger audience too as some of the older calls are no longer relevant to younger players.

There have been moves to create new bingo calls that have more significance to modern day players. These include calls like Jimmy Choo for number 22, as this fashion designer is always in the public eye. The campaigners for this make a strong case but many long term bingo fans don’t want to see their favourite calls disappearing.

For the rhyming numbers, it’s not quite as important, as the words still rhyme no matter what age you are. If we look at the more pop culture orientated ones, then you’ll see where the problems start to come in. #1 for example, is often called Kelly’s Eye in reference to a cartoon strip from the 1900s. New players might not even know where to begin with this one!

Bingo is Gr8

Getting accustomed to ‘text message speak’ can be important for roomies that want to chat with one another. There are common abbreviations that roomies use to congratulate, welcome and just gossip with one another. You’ll usually see these in a chat window, as players greet and talk to each other.

Check out what these terms mean below:

Abbreviation Meaning
AFC Away from computer
COI Come on in
DK Don’t know
JJ Just joking
GGA Good game all
SYS See you soon
WDW Well done winners

Just brush up on these terms and you’ll be able to get chatting with your roomies before you know it. You’ll notice a big difference when you’re playing on a mobile device, as these are much less time consuming to type out.

Now that you know how to chat and which numbers are being called, get out there and play some games! You’ll look like a bingo pro with these terms at your fingertips and it won’t be long before you’re top of the shop.