Where to Find the Best Bingo Prizes

We love winning bingo cash jackpots but sometimes there’s something more exciting and special about winning a prize. Prize bingo games can be rewarding for a number of reasons and we’ve got the low down on these games for you.

Top Sites for Prizes

If you like bingo prizes then we can give you some tips on the best sites to find them on:

Wink Bingo – This site is so good at giving away prizes, they even have their own store. If you win a prize on one of their many promotions then you can go on there and order it for yourself.

PocketWin – Unlike other loyalty schemes, the scheme here allows you to trade in your points for real prizes.

mFortune – Take part in the VIP program from this site to get your hands on some serious prizes. They also run prize games on their social media that any funded player can take part in.

Double check the T&Cs of a site you want to play on before you get playing in their prize games.

Can I Win Prizes For Free?

It’s possible to play in free bingo real prizes games, if you know where to look. These can be found on sites or even on their social media if you’re a savvy player. Many sites even run free games for their funded players with prizes, they’re not always the biggest prizes but they can be a nice surprise.

Some sites have promotions that allow you to earn free bingo tickets rather than giving them out totally free. This can give you free tickets to a prize game indirectly, for example if you’re playing on slots you might be rewarded with a freebie ticket.

Advantages of Winning Prizes vs Cash

There are a few things that we love about winning these prizes, including:

  • There are no wagering requirements, when you win a cash jackpot then you may have to wager it a set amount of times. You may also be credited with bonus cash without realising it, as the jackpot may not be entirely clear.
  • When we win cash, we sometimes feel like that we end up spending it on something boring like a bill. With a prize, you’re more likely to win something you can use or keep for yourself.
  • Many prize games also offer a cash alternative to their prize, so you have an extra choice if you want to take the money or the prize instead.
  • If you use a deposit only method like Paysafecard, you don’t need to add a card to your account to withdraw anything. Instead the prize will just be sent out to you.
  • Even if it’s not a prize we would use, we can’t help but think about other people in our lives that would. If you win then you’ve got a prize stashed away for next Christmas!

These will be dependent on your own preferences as a player, some people just want to play for cash and others like the thrill of winning a prize.

What Can I Win?

We’ve seen players winning some of the best bingo prizes out there, with some of them being won for just pennies! Common prizes include:

  • Holidays or holiday vouchers
  • Electronics and gadgets
  • Vouchers for high street stores
  • Free passes to attractions
  • Gift and food hampers
  • Bottles of bubbly
  • The latest designer perfumes

These are just some that we see across a few different sites, we see some really out there ones too! Many players like to get their tickets to these games with the hope of taking the cash alternative, even if the prize is a cool one.


Playing bingo for prizes can bring a bit of life into the usual bingo games, as you have something to aspire to win. Not every player chooses to play for these prizes but most are happy to win a gift from their bingo site.