Proprietary Bingo Sites

The term proprietary in the bingo world relates to bingo sites that offer unique games and features. Most bingo sites in the UK market are part of a larger network and this means that a lot of the jackpot prizes and games are shared across multiple sites and brands. This can have both advantages and disadvantages for players so we are going to look at some areas in which you can access unique software and games.

Sites with the Best In-House Software & Games

There are a few sites that offer proprietary games and software but here is a couple of our choice picks:

  • PocketWin – A casino that fits right in your pocket and there is a £5 no deposit bonus on offer for new players who join the site as well as unique games that you cannot play anywhere else.
  • mFortune – Another mobile-friendly online casino with a £5 free-play bonus. There are lots of unique games and any winnings that you manage you will get to keep.

T&Cs apply.

What are Proprietary Bingo Sites?

When it comes to proprietary bingo software, these platforms tend to offer players at least one unique feature or game that you won’t be able to locate anywhere else. Some brands can still be part of a larger network and while they will offer networked jackpots and games, there can still be standalone games or offers on these sites in addition to the shared content. By offering unique games or bonuses, the site is far more likely to attract new players.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Proprietary Sites

Naturally, there are pros and cons with proprietary sites just as there is with any other bingo platform but there can be no denying that sites with custom bingo software will offer a unique experience. Of course, the primary advantage is that you can access games, offers and features that cannot be found anywhere else. These options are great for the journeyman player who has perhaps played on several networks and is looking for something new.

However, unique games and features can often have unique T&Cs and a lot of players will perhaps not be used to these having never experienced them before. Some games will take time to pick up as they may offer different rules to what players are normally used to. Finally, stand alone bingo software may have different technical requirements to standard bingo sites. This means you may need to consider your device before you play.

Big Networks vs Stand Alone Sites vs Mix of Both

These are your 3 options when it comes to playing bingo and other games online. This is, of course, your choice to make as a player and although big networks can appear to be pretty exciting there are plenty of reasons to choose the standalone site. At this stage, it is about considering how you want to play the game and more social players may see more merit in the bigger networks.

The standalone sites may not be able to offer the biggest prizes but players will generally have a better chance to win on these sites as there are fewer players competing for a single jackpot. However, a good compromise would be a mix of both so you could choose a site that is part of a larger network but one that still manages to offer some unique features.

In-House Games to Try

Here are a couple of examples of games that you can try out that are unique to the sites that you play them from.

mFortune Bingo

One of the most popular ways to play some bingo on your phone or tablet and this super smiley bingo variant has 11 rooms to choose from each with a different jackpot. This is the main proprietary bingo games that come to mind when we think of unique software so check it out on mFortune!

Jackpot Agent

You’ll find this pocket-sized slot game on PocketWin and it could be described as a James Bond spinoff with a unique design. There are 5 mini reels to spin and you can unlock prizes by forming line wins from the paytable. There are 9 paylines in total and it can be spun from just a few pennies.

Are Proprietary Sites Worth It?

There are some benefits to choosing these platforms and we have done our best to outline some of the better options. Overall, though, it is up to you the player if you want to try some proprietary bingo or slots but these sites will suit those who are perhaps a little bored of the same old networked games and promotions.

Try out some of the games that we have mentioned if you feel like trying out something new. Good luck!