Picking an Alternative Payment Method

When you’re serious about picking a better way to pay for your online and mobile bingo kicks, it pays to consider all the various services available before enrolling with one. Remember that each time you do (unless you’re opting for a truly anonymous voucher) you will share bank details and other of your ‘mission critical’ personal data.

Therefore, it’s best to select your method(s) very strategically. To help you do that, we’ve produced this infographic to help you navigate the alternative payment world.

Picking an Alternative Payment Method for Online Bingo - Infographic

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We’ve also categorised the spectrum of payment methods into a few basic grouping, as follows. We’ve found that most e-payment services fall into one or more of these:

  • Prepaid bank cards
  • Debit and credit cards
  • Prepaid virtual cards
  • Anonymous cash vouchers

Now, the first two are conventional ways to pay online. The second two basically make you ‘anonymous’ when you pay online.

Think of it this way: when you check-out at a real store’s cashier, you know the difference between handing over a card that reveals your name and other details and handing cash, which seals the deal without further ado.

No questions asked with cash — that exactly how it is online when paying with either prepaid virtual cards or anonymous cash vouchers.

Now let’s take a closer look at each, while noting examples in the current bingo gaming marketplace. After digesting this information you’ll be able to pick the best payment method(s) for your exact needs and uses.

Bank Cards

These conventional methods are not the best way to fund your bingo entertainment, nor really to shop online at all. The plastic ‘card’ was always meant as a token of your actual funds when shopping in brick-and-mortar stores. Credit and debit cards really aren’t the greatest fit with phone shopping, either.

For online bingo, they’re said to be the least secure, which includes the prepaid versions like Maestro and Visa Electron. The reason of course is that they leave you wide open to attack from e-criminals who are out there combing the ‘Net for spare pieces of information to intercept, then piece together for entering your accounts.

Less Secure and Expensive too?

Take special care when you see the logos of Visa, Mastercard. Credit cards in particular can turn out to be expensive ways to gamble online. Did you know that the average interest rate paid by UK gamblers is about 26%? This is because gambling transactions on your credit are often treated as a cash advance so you will start paying interest on your £20 bingo deposit as soon as you make it. And you may well get chargred a 3% or £3 fee on top!

We recommend you use the ones below.

Virtual Cards & Anonymous Cash Vouchers

PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, Entropay — These prepaid virtual accounts also offer e-Wallets in some cases (PayPal, Neteller), which allow you to receive funds. That’s important for bingo winnings!

Warning: Although 84% of bingo sites now accept PayPal, not all sites accepting it also support withdrawal services; in other words, you need to provide additional information when you want to receive your winnings or withdraw the available balance.

These prepaid accounts offer a full scope of online tools for managing your funds. You are obliged to supply banking information, or credit card information, which is necessary to pour cash into your virtual account. If you want something with which no personal information is requested, then read on.

Safe and Anonymous?

Paysafecard, Ukash and other vouchers are truly anonymous because you deposit cash into them (at a physical outlet) and then never hassle with personal details again. It’s the bare bones option.

If you want the extras, like e-Wallet, robust online tools, ability to send funds to other users, or, a mobile app that gives you the power to manage the account while on the go, well then, go for PayPal or Neteller and start enjoying worry-free bingo and online shopping.