Paysafecard to Steal Ukash Bingo Deposits

The world of online bingo has been abuzz with the news that Skrill has added Ukash to their already heaving portfolio of brands. The group already own the similar Paysafecard brand which also works on the same vouchers principle so most people are speculating that they’ll just rebrand Ukash as Paysafecard. Customers will no longer be able to buy Ukash cards because of this brand integration, but these eWallet services are already very similar so users may just transition to the same system under a different name.

EWallets are perfect for players who value their security and privacy online and don’t want to risk their credit card details being stolen. These players are already set in their ways using Ukash and it’s not automatically a given that they’ll go for the Paysafecard as an alternative.

Other Providers of EWallets

With Ukash no longer available there are still so many choices in this category that players may choose to take their money elsewhere. They may end up using Neteller, Skrill or PayPal to guard their details online and protect them from credit card fraud.


There are many PayPal bingo sites that customers could use at their convenience without having to go out and purchase vouchers. The downside to this service is that players will at least have to enter their card details once which can put off a lot of potential customers. On top of this they’ll have to remember a username and password, which they didn’t need to do with Ukash. This payment method is probably least like the former Ukash brand so is probably the least likely to net their customers.


Neteller offers a similar service to PayPal but customers actually deposit a set amount from a card to their Neteller account. They can then use this balance to pay for goods or services online, the theory behind this being that depositing a set amount onto one site is better than using card details on many. This sounds alright in theory but is a big leap from the Ukash method of payment, players that are set in their ways may dodge this payment method in favour of Paysafecard. There is also a balance transfer fee associated with this payment which could leave players with less eMoney to deposit.


Skrill is another option that players may flock to in the wake of the takeover, but again this requires the electronic depositing of money, so it may not be to everyone’s liking. Skrill is a ubiquitous payment method on many sites so this may be enough to encourage users to give this method a go.


Paysafecard online bingo seems to be the most likely option for players who can’t buy Ukash anymore as it is the most similar system. They’ve taken steps to help players transition to the new system with videos and guides on their website. They can also download an app that accesses their location and tells them the nearest Paysafecard retailer to them.

In many ways this takeover is more of an improvement for players and has updated the purchasing experience. It also means that players can buy these vouchers in more stores than they could Ukash vouchers which makes it more convenient than the old system. This payment method is also accepted on many different sites so customers shouldn’t have to compromise where they pay online because of the takeover.

It does appear that players will be attracted to trying the new Paysafecard before testing out other brands so Skrill may be able to retain most of its customer base in the wake of the switch over. They may lose customers to other payment methods but it seems more likely that players who want to pick up a physical voucher won’t be swayed by the likes of PayPal and Neteller. The type of player who would rather not enter their card details anywhere online.