PayPal Discontinues Windows Phone, Blackberry and Amazon Apps

There’s big news in the payment and tech world as PayPal officially rescind some of their products. They’ve chosen to remove some of their PayPal apps from the market, which will have a knock on effect for some bingo players. Don’t worry, we have all the information you need right here.

What Devices Does this Effect?

Many people talking about this change are dramatically referring to it as PayPal killing their compatibility with some devices. This is a little over the top, as you’ll still be able to use their products in some form.

Those using their apps on Windows Phone, Blackberrys or Amazon Devices will be notified that the app is no longer available. This is because these are the lesser used PayPal mobile apps and they take more maintenance that outweighs the amount of users. PayPal apps for Android, for example, are much more popular so these and PayPal apps for iPhone are sticking around.

Can I Still Use PayPal for Mobile Bingo?

The short answer to this is yes, but there may be changes to how you access the service. Instead of switching over to the app to make payments, you’ll just be taken to the mobile version of PayPal instead. There really isn’t much difference between this and the app, so there’s no learning curve involved.

Most of the information surrounding the change is fear mongering, as your experience as a user really won’t change much. If you have a fingerprint scanner on your device then it’s actually easier as you can use this in lieu of a password.

How to Access the Site

When you make a payment on a bingo site using PayPal, they contact PayPal for you with the details of the transaction. When they do this, you will be automatically taken to the mobile version of PayPal if you are on a smartphone or tablet.

After that, it’s just a matter of logging in and authorising the payment then the funds will appear in your account. It will still be as quick and simple as with the app, without the need to keep the app on your device. There are customer service agents from PayPal that you can contact if you need any help with the changeover.

Are there Changes for Other Users?

The Android and iOS version of the app has also had a bit of an update this month too. The app now has better usability and improved processes, meaning that it can run in the background without taking up much of your device’s resources.

These users still have the option to use the mobile site version of PayPal, if they don’t want to download or don’t use the service that much. It’s always good to have options on how you play, so you can bear this one in mind.

Armed with all of this information, there will be nothing to stop our readers from adapting to these changes. Then you can get down to the business of playing bingo online without any hassle.