PayPal Bingo with Best Leaderboard Games

Bingo competitions are always a lot of fun. They bring more excitement to any game of bingo, and they can also keep you interested in the game over a longer period of time. We’ve zeroed in on leaderboard games online to give you an idea of just how good they are to take part in.

Top sites for leaderboard challenges


This is a hugely-popular bingo site for many reasons. Its competitions and leaderboard challenges are just two of them.


Keep an eye on the bingo and promotion sections of 888Ladies to look out for the latest leaderboard competitions.


The promotions page has details of all their competitions and other promotions to watch for. Any leaderboard challenges or competitions will be included here.

What is a leaderboard competition?

It’s a competition that takes place over a set period of time, maybe a week or a month, for example. Players vie to get the highest number of points on the competition leaderboard. The player with the top score at the end of the period is the winner.

Many competitions have prizes for the top three, five or even 10 players at the end of the time period.

How do you get points on the leaderboard?

Each leaderboard event will have its own rules. Always read the terms and conditions that apply before you take part. There are various ways you can get points to add to your total:

  • Biggest number of wins
  • Completing certain activities
  • Amounts wagered on games
  • Number of deposits made

Top tip: get involved as soon as the competition begins

You will have less opportunity to win a competition if you only get involved halfway through. Keep an eye out for fresh leaderboard challenges to arrive and get stuck in right from the start!

What can you win in this type of competition?

Just as the things you need to do can change from one competition to the next, and one site to the next as well, so can the prizes. Here are some examples you might see:

  1. Bonus points [to convert into bingo tickets or other perks]
  2. Prizes [anything from vouchers to holidays depending on the competition]
  3. Cash [self-explanatory!]
  4. Loyalty points [can be converted into bingo tickets, for example]

Tips to get to the top

If you’re going to take part in a leaderboard game, you’ll want to maximise your chances of winning wherever you can. We’ve put together some hot tips to help you do just that:

  1. Buy as many tickets as you’re allowed.
    If you are required to buy bingo tickets to get onto the leaderboard, find out what the maximum number is and buy those. Make sure this is in keeping with your budget, of course. Is there a maximum per day, week or month?
  2. Meet wagering requirements. Some competitions will have wagering requirements in order for you to take part. The terms and conditions for the competition will reveal what these are. Make sure you don’t fall short, otherwise your efforts will have been for nothing.
  3. Take part daily or weekly.
    Regular efforts can really help your cause. Make time each day to check the leaderboard and to take part in whatever bingo games you need to play in to advance your position on the board. Irregular activity won’t help your cause.
  4. Plan ahead.
    Yes, planning is your friend. This is particularly important in a month-long competition where it’s easy to start well but you could end up falling by the wayside halfway through. The winners will be regulars on the site throughout the competition period – make sure you’re one of them!

So… will you take part in leaderboard games?

As you can see, these bingo games are a lot of fun and they add an extra layer onto the games you’re playing. It’s definitely good to have a chance to win some exciting games whenever you can, and being in with a shot of winning a leaderboard competition as well just adds to the fun.

Isn’t it time you had a go?