Payforit – Text / SMS to Pay for Bingo

If you’re looking to play on bingo sites and want a convenient way to deposit, then Payforit bingo can be a great option. This system is loved by bingo players, so let’s find out a bit more about it.

Top Payforit Sites

Each one of these sites offering the mobile bingo pay with phone bill option comes with their own sign up bonus that acts as incentive to join them, the details of which are listed below:


mFortune float you with free no deposit bonus and a cash match on first deposit.

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PocketWin now offers bingo and slots with a free no deposit bonus!

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Mr Spin

Mr. Spin offers a nice selection of slots & treats,free spins as soon as you join! Then, cash match on first deposit.

18+ T&C's Apply.

What is Payforit?

Payforit is a system by which you can add whatever you want to deposit added onto your phone bill . You can use Wi-Fi or 3G to connect to your account and then reply to a text to authorise the payment. If you use a pay as you go phone, then this will just be deducted from your balance on your phone.

Using Payforit

Here’s a step by step guide on exactly how to use this payment method:

  1. Open up the cashier window of the site
  2. Select mobile phone payment as your method of choice
  3. Stipulate how much you want to deposit
  4. Check over the summary of the payment and make sure it’s all correct
  5. Then you’ll get a text asking you to confirm the payment, reply to this with yes if all of the details are right
  6. You’ll get a final confirmation and the money will be popped into your account

Can I Deposit and Withdraw?

Unfortunately there is no facility to withdraw with Payforit mobile payments, but you can always use PayPal to withdraw instead. This is simple enough and it shouldn’t affect you too much.

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Is there a Deposit Limit (and can I Raise the Limit)?

There are limits as to how much you can deposit with this payment method. This is a security measure, just in case your phone was lost or stolen, you wouldn’t want someone to be able to add unlimited charges to your account.

The limit on daily Payforit charge amounts to £30 per transaction, there’s no daily limit on there like some other payments. There will be a cap that your provider puts in place, also if you spend too much or out of character amounts, your account may be blocked.

Not all contract holders may use this service, if it’s a limited or underage account then these payments will be blocked. You may need to call them up to unblock this.

How does it Compare to Other Pay by Phone Options?

This isn’t the only way to pay and make a transaction from your mobile device, as there are other options out there too. Let’s take a look at how Payforit stacks up to the alternatives:

Payforit Vs Boku

Boku is a very similar service, though some users find it more convenient as they have an app too. There are more limits on Boku, but this can end up being handy for those that want to keep an eye on their spending habits. Payforit is compatibles with more phone providers though, so you may not have this option.

Payforit Vs eVouchers

eVouchers like Paysafecard can come in handy too, as it’s another way to keep your payment methods safe. Again, you can’t deposit with this method but it can feel a bit safer for players, as no one has access to your account. There’s a bit more hassle for players involved in this payment method, as you have to actually go and purchase the voucher.

Payforit Vs eWallets

Finally, let’s compare it to our favourite payment method, PayPal. PayPal is less limited and also lets you withdraw too, so you don’t need to use another payment method on top. This can be a pro or a con, depending on how you play as some players like the limits to keep them playing responsibly. There are usually no fees associate with PayPal, whereas some other ones can incur additional fees depending on the site.


Payforit can be a good option for players that want convenience, as there’s literally nothing easier than popping your details in. There are some downsides like the lack of withdrawal options but overall many people will find this a useful way to play. Try it out and you might just end up using it for all your transactions!

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