New Look Bingo Sites

Like everything these days we want our bingo brands to be flashy and filled with the latest technology. As they keep up with demand they may close for a period of time for a revamp while players wait eagerly to see what they have in store.

Why do bingo brands usually redesign their sites?

Online bingo sites may feel the pressure to become one of the many redesigned bingo sites as technology changes online. What may have been at the cutting edge only a few years ago can look tacky and out of touch for players. This will lead to these players going elsewhere, especially if the site can’t offer the same features that another can.

To change this it’s essential for sites to change with the times. While it may have been fashionable to have as much decoration as possible on a site years ago it’s now all about looking modern. For this reason many sites have changed their look to match the current trends.

They may also have an influx of new games that they want to offer their players, which can take time to implement. Players want more in the bingo and game lobbies so it makes sense for sites to offer it but it may lead to a totally new design.

Finally, more sites are mobile optimised now and these can be slightly simplified so that they can be displayed clearly on many devices. These offer players more flexibility on how they want to play and it can add another element to the site which many players see as a top priority.

How does a new look benefit players?

New look bingo sites can have more functionality than ever before as they adopt the newest web design to make the site. This can make it better and faster as well as being more user friendly for the player.

If they add in mobile optimisation then that’s even better as the player then has a choice on which device they want to use. These added options can turn a cautious mobile player into a pro as they have a consistent layout and design. This means that any time a player uses them they’ll know what they’re getting and how to find what they’re looking for.

Bingo site relaunches can also come with a raft of new promotions and bonuses which are updated to compete with other sites. The average player will then get more out of the site in terms of bonuses and offers. It can also change the site from one that has a few regular promotions to one that has guest offers and sales more often.

Top new look bingo sites

The following sites have all had a redesign and this has impacted on the types of bonuses and games that they offer.

Mecca Bingo

– This site is one of the oldest online bingo halls out there but they’ve been keeping up with the times and making sure that the site is always at the cutting edge. Their welcome bonus has also grown over the years to give players £50 to use online and a £10 bingo hall bonus when they deposit £10.

Wink Bingo

– This site has a colourful, spotty theme but it is still minimalist and modern. Over the years they’ve changed their welcome bonus to include a spin on their prize wheel, which gives an extra £15 guaranteed at least. This prize can go all the way up to £1000 in bonus funds if the player is lucky enough.

Dream Bingo

– The increased capabilities on this site has not gone unnoticed by players as it’s now simple to find your way around. They’ve also improved their first deposit bonus to give their players £40 to play with when they deposit £10.