How Online Bingo Can Help Your Social Life

There are plenty of perks to playing online bingo. You’ve got the thrill of great bonuses when you join a site, not to mention the chance to win real cash prizes.

However, did you ever notice how social bingo can be? Here we delve into that very topic, so you can see just how exciting online bingo really is!

Our favourite social sites!

Are you aware of just how many social sites there are? Check these out for size:


Chat hosts are never far away at 888Ladies. Look for chat games such as Battle of the Buddies and Burst Your Bubble among others.


Wink if you’re in! That’s the cry from this top site offering a Facebook page among many other features of the Wink community.

Lady Lucks

This site has a thriving Facebook community you can join. Look for additional prizes and bonuses as well as chatting with other players.


Go Mobile and chat wherever you happen to be. Great online bingo with an added extra of social fun!


There’s a great social element to this site. They provide lots of info on chat games, bingo lingo and chat guidelines, too.

It’s easy and great fun to make new friends while playing bingo!

Chat rooms might seem a little overwhelming at first. However, everyone was new once, and you’ll soon settle in. The chat rooms have a nice community feeling and you’ll find it easy to chat with other players (both new and more experienced ones).

There are all kinds of perks to getting in on some chat room action:

  • Private messaging facilities
  • Make new friends
  • Get bingo tips and advice
  • Share some bingo gossip!

That’s not all, either. You can also get involved with tournaments and multiplayer games – both great ways to get to know other players.

And don’t forget the social media games!

Yes, you can even start playing and making connections by using games like these:

  • Bingo Blitz
  • Bingo Friendzy (we love that name!)

Check out the latest opportunities and you’ll see why the social side of online bingo could be a lot bigger and more important than you thought…

How to get social playing bingo online

Social bingo is massive today. The internet makes it easier to meet people you wouldn’t have come across in everyday life, and some could turn into firm friends, even if you never meet. You can start playing bingo and chatting with people in other parts of the country – and even the world.

Socialising online isn’t quite the same as doing it in person, though. There are shortcut terms that are used to make life easier. We’ve included some of the most useful ones in the table below, which are ideal when you are just starting out…

HIYA Hello everyone
GLe! Good luck everyone!
1TG One to go! [can be changed to indicate two numbers to go, or three to go… etc]
OMG Oh my God! [good to use if you win big!]
GTG Got to go

These are great to use when you’re starting to make new bingo friends. As you go along, you’re bound to pick up more terms. Look at what other people are using and you’ll soon get the hang of it.

Fun chat games to play (and socialise!)

Have you ever heard of bingo chat games? No worries if you haven’t, because you are about to get an introduction to them. They do vary, but they also have specific features you will see time and time again:

  • A live chat and game host
  • Updates on forthcoming games and promotions
  • The ability to open chat windows to talk to other players
  • The ability to use ‘group chat’ or ‘private chat’ features

There are several types of chat games you might see, too:

Trivia Chat Games Players are challenged to answer trivia questions on a particular topic
Numbers Chat Bingo Games A twist on normal bingo, where particular numbers can win prizes (i.e. your birthdate would win a prize)
Themed Chat Games More trivia questions, but centred around a particular topic, i.e. Christmas or TV Soaps
Roomies Chat Games People play in pairs or teams to encourage more chat and to provide different winning opportunities

Are you getting social yet?

Phew! It’s no wonder more and more people are trying out the social side of online bingo. It’s a superb way to meet people online and to add a new dimension to bingo fun, too.

With the info we have given you above, you should find it a lot easier to get more details about how to become more social while playing bingo. Many sites provide this feature to add a little extra to their offering. With many sites such as 888Ladies and Wink Bingo to choose from, all that remains is to join one (or more) of them now.