How ‘BIG’ Can You Win Playing Bingo Online?

Bingo has undergone somewhat of a transformation of late. Previously the pastime of old ladies hunched over in church halls, nowadays the game has cultivated a sleeker image.

In this article, we’ll be teaching you how to win bingo and finding a great site to play on is a good start. To help you on your way we’ve brought you three of the best online bingo sites for winning. Check them out below:

  • Big Tease Bingo – This bingo site is all about rewarding players, so you’ll have plenty of additional funds to use when you play here. [Read full review]
  • PocketWin Bingo – This keep what you win site gives you a free fiver to play with and there are no wagering requirements to think about either! [Read full review]
  • mFortune Bingo – If you love to play on the go then this is the perfect site for you, experience all the fun of different varieties of bingo. [Read full review]

Just be sure to check the terms and conditions of any offer that you intend to claim.

Tips for winning big

Everyone wants to know how to win at bingo. The following tips are ones that we’ve tried and tested in a variety of lobbies to help us win more often:

  • Ensure you play at a reputable site – Winning on a game can be a great feeling however, it’s useless if the site will not pay out. Always ensure the site you’re playing on is legitimate so you never end up paying the price for a bad choice.
  • Budget spending – Set a limit every day and do not go beyond it. This will stop you from gambling money that you don’t have.
  • Stick to playing 3-4 cards at a time – Avoid confusion and stick to playing with a small number of cards. When playing with more than this, you’re sure to miss opportunities and become frustrated.
  • Pick a good time to play – Aim to play at less populated times. This way you’ll have a better shot at scooping the prizes.
  • Find your niche – There are so many styles of bingo that you’ll want to find your niche within the lobby. Focus on types of bingo that you love to play, like speed bingo or themed bingo games. Don’t spend all your time moving from game to game, settle in on certain ones.
  • Get experience – If you want to test out games first then use bonus funds and offers to play for free. Look for newbie and no deposit offers to test out versions of bingo without paying anything. Once you’re a funded member, check into free rooms to maximise what you can win from your funds. Then, you can commit your cash once you know what to expect and really win big!

Bingo Strategy

Bingo generally relies on luck, but there are a couple of bingo strategy theories that have proven popular over the years. Two of the most famous mathematicians to speculate on the game were Leonard Tippett and Joseph Granville, who used mathematical probabilities to assess the game.

These only really apply within games that you can select your own numbers. Within a random number generator, the following patterns tend to occur:

  • The second number in the sequence will tend to vary more than the first.
  • There will be a balance or pattern visible between odd and even numbers.
  • There will also be a balance between the high and low numbers called.
  • Around the median number of 45 will be where most numbers occur in 90 ball bingo.

So what do these mean for you? If you can choose your numbers in a game then you should:

  • Choose numbers that have differing second digits, if you have 45 for instance then don’t pick 55, 65 etc.
  • Use a mixture of odd and even numbers.
  • Try to get a decent spread of numbers.
  • Try to pick numbers that are close to 45. This means that you should spread your bets still, but place an emphasis on those near 45.

If you’re not in control of the numbers that you pick then you may need to rely on other betting strategies, like controlling your bets or playing at less popular times.

Biggest wins in history

There are players out there who have made a fortune from online bingo. As much as we wish them well, they do make us a little green with envy!

John Orchard:

The job centre worked bet just 30p on a video slot game back in 2012 and won the jackpot! The grandfather-of-three took home a whopping £5.9 million pounds after only joining the site a few days previously.

Lisa Potter:

2012 appears to have been a great year for bingo jackpots. 33 year old Lisa scooped £1.3 million. She became a bingo winner after spending just £5.

John Heywood:

In 2015, soldier John won £13.2 million with just a 25p stake. The 26 year old played on the Mega Moolah slot game.

Summing up, it is possible to win life changing sums of money on old or new online bingo sites. Now that you know how to win online bingo, head to a site and test these bingo tips for yourself.