Facebook Bingo

Believe it or not Facebook Bingo games are actually on the rise. Because being able to combine the social functionality of your Facebook account with the fun games that a Bingo app brings is actually incredibly appealing to lots of people.

Compared to Real Money sites

So you may be wondering, what’s the big difference between a bingo site and a bingo app?

Although they may at first seem similar, a Facebook bingo app is actually a quite different than a regular bingo site. For example most Facebook Bingo apps only have a small number of bingo rooms, with the majority of them usually containing two rooms for each 90, 80 and 75 ball versions.

This is mainly down to software limitations as apps can’t process tons of games taking place at once. Whilst with bingo sites they have dedicated teams and servers to handle the strain of multiple rooms and players. Facebook Bingo games also tend to be quicker because there’s usually a smaller player base in each of the rooms so matches tend to progress fairly quickly.

However, both Bingo sites and Facebook Bingo apps both contain a social element, but again these are both different. With the Bingo sites you can talk to the other players in the room via the games chat option and that’s it.

Whilst with the Facebook apps you can chat to the other players as well as invite in your Facebook friends to join your games, chat with them or benefit from bonuses for adding more friends in to your game.

The Bonuses and Prizes Available

Facebook Bingo apps, like Bingo sites, also offer their players special bonuses and prizes. Although they tend to get a bit similar with Bingo sites offering relatively the same size of deposit bonuses and no-deposit cash since they’re usually ran by the same provider.

But with Facebook Bingo apps the size of the bonuses and the types of extra prizes vary from app to app which makes each app unique and interesting.

Take the Facebook Bingo Appy game, when you start out with them you’ll be able to claim a 250% welcome bonus on top of your first deposit plus £10 free.

Then there’s Big City Bingo, with this app you can earn special diamonds that you can use to play special games and claim rewards or special gift items that you can trade with your friends.

Social Apps worth Trying

Because of their growing popularity the Facebook Bingo app market is almost filled to the brim with different apps and games to try out.

But rather than go through all of them we’ve listed a couple of our favourites below.

Bingo Blitz:

Bingo Blitz allows their users to connect to a massive player base of up to 14 million players, featuring a great chat system and the fact that it’s free to download, Bingo Blitz is a great app to try.

It comes with a set of unique power-ups that can change your gameplay as well as special themed rooms and the brilliant ability to play cross-platform with PC users in the same rooms.

Bingo Bash:

With an active player base of up to 2million people worldwide Bingo Bash provides its massive player base with a wealth of opportunities to win big.

There are fun power-ups, a variety of interesting rooms and the choice of ordinary Bingo games or Speed Bingo for a fast paced turn of the old favourite and familiar game.

Bingo Island:

Bingo Islands tagline is ‘A room for everyone’ and they certainly pull that off as they provide players with dozens of rooms that come with their own unique patterns, draw speeds and skill levels.

With the ability to play with friends and rank up to earn new bonuses, Bingo Island certainly know how to make a brilliant free Bingo game.

Bingo Blingo:

This fun, free Bingo game provides players with a ton of different themed rooms as well as the ability to send and receive special gifts from other players.

With a set of unique gameplay altering power-ups, tons of themed rooms and daily tournaments, you’re guaranteed to absolutely love Bingo Blingo.