Competitive Bingo

Every bingo player is different. Most of us simply play the game for fun with cash prizes being an added bonus but there are some players who like to play competitively. That’s where competitive games come in, as they allow you to beat other players to the punch.

Best Sites to Get Competitive

We’ve listed some of our favourites sites where you can play competitive games:

  • Big Tease Bingo – The site has plenty of Dragonfish networked games to play but also some team games exclusive to the site that are highly competitive!
  • Pocket Win – One of the best mobile casinos around with some really great mobile bingo games where you can compete against other players.
  • Moobile Games – Another great online casino with plenty of shared prize pots to play for on this farming-themed site.
  • mFortune – Designed with the mobile gamer in mind, mFortune has plenty of tournament games to allow you to play against the very best.

Terms and conditions apply to offers on these sites, read them there.

Types of Competitive Bingo Games

For players who want to play seriously, there are a number of different bingo game types that you can choose that will allow you to play against other players on a competitive basis. We’ve listed some examples and you will be able to play these types of games on the sites that we have mentioned above.

  • Tournaments – Bingo tournaments are commonly found in the promotional section of an online bingo site or casino and allow you to compete directly against other players. Often, the players that wager the most on specific games will be able to claim first place and the top prize.
  • Team Events – There is nothing more fun than rounding up your bingo buddies and competing in some team bingo games! Team events can let you play for big cash prizes or massive amounts of loyalty points which are often shared among your team. The key is to work together to complete those bingo patterns.
  • Jackpot Games – Naturally, the best jackpots on a bingo site are the most popular games. You can expect intense competition from other players. Jackpot games are the definition of competitive bingo and you will find them all over the web. Check out the sites above for some fantastic bingo competitions that offer big jackpots.
  • Social Media Competitions – A lot of our favourite brands like to engage with their players over social media. Facebook and Twitter quizzes are common with free spins, loyalty points and good old cash commonly offered as prizes. Remember to like the Facebook page of any new site that you choose to play on!

Typical Winnings

It’s not just cash that you can win when you play online bingo competitively but also a range of other winnings too.

  • Bonus Points – These can have many different names such as star points, loyalty points and much more. These can be cashed in for goodies such as free spins and bonus cash or use to increase your VIP level on a site.
  • Prizes – You cannot beat a good old real prize. Gift vouchers are common but the bigger bingo networks will even offer you the chance to compete for holidays and getaways but we’ve seen bingo sites offering everything under the sun from coffee makers to inflatable pools!
  • Cash – Good old, cold hard cash can always be played for on bingo websites. With leaderboard games and jackpot games, you can always play for cash prizes. Try and find games that offer you the chance to play for thousands of pounds.

How to Win Every Time

Ok, it’s impossible to win every time but there are some things that you can do to give yourself the best possible chance of success. Buying more than one ticket is a classic move to give yourself a higher chance of winning. Buying the maximum number of tickets might not be feasible for everyone so purchase however many you can afford.

You can also play at off-peak times if you plan on using the bingo lobby to play games so try and play earlier in the morning or late at night. You might just be able to compete in games that are less populated but still offer significant prizes. Generally speaking, competitive games with big prizes are always going to be busy, so choose your time wisely.

Finally, just keeping up to date with the site and being the first to start taking part is a good idea, as this will get you in on the ground floor.

In Summary

The sites above have been carefully selected due to the fact that they are great places to compete competitively for big bingo and slots prizes. Remember to consider the points that we have raised in this post if you’re looking to win big against other players. Of course, the game should always be played responsibly so allocate a budget and stick to it.