Bingo with PayPal in Canada

One of the best things about Canada, other than the vast tracks of untouched natural beauty is that you can play bingo online for real money prizes legally.

Why Is It Legal?

Unlike their American neighbours it’s perfectly legal to gamble online in Canada, there’s no prohibitions in Canadian Law to stop you at all so you can gamble to your hearts content on any website you like.

Although they don’t allow gambling at any location that isn’t owned, operated or licensed by any provincial government. So you can only use Canadian owned online gambling websites, which isn’t great if you’re looking for a specific brand but can’t get to play it as it’s not based in Canada.

Also if you want to play PayPal bingo Canada based players are in for some bad news as this popular online payment system is not allowed to be used by North American gamblers on bingo or casino websites. This is down to PayPal’s policy that any US based players, even those based in North America, may not use their services for funding gambling transactions.

This is because their current interpretation of Canadian law is that online gambling is illegal even though it isn’t, it’s only illegal in America. But unfortunately PayPal’s shareholders decided to play it safe by putting a carpet ban on any and all Canadian players that might try to use their service for gambling related activities.

Although rather strange enough this rule doesn’t apply in Quebec. The reason for this is that the Kahnawake reserve in Quebec has its own gambling commission that allows online gambling websites to access the North American market legally.

Also since Quebec has been at the forefront of legalizing gambling for years PayPal shareholders don’t feel that the market might suddenly change so it’s a safe place to invest in.

So that’s why in this area of Canada bingo sites that accept PayPal are extremely easy to come across.

Are There Any Alternate Options?

Although it may seem like you’re confined to Canadian government owned websites there are still plenty of alternative options that you can choose from to get your bingo fix.

For example there are plenty of bingo sites based outside of the US that allow Canadian players to play and deposit using Canadian Dollars.

For starters there’s Cyber Bingo, this fantastic site will give you a free sign up bonus of £15 and a 500% bonus on top of your first deposit to make the most of your money. But their perks don’t stop there as they’ll also give you a 250% bonus on your second and third account top-ups to let you make the most of your money. So you can deposit using Canadian Dollars on this superb site to get an absolute ton of free cash back.

But if that doesn’t appeal to you there’s also New Bingo Bill, another site that accepts Canadian cash this brilliant bingo site has a ton of bonuses just waiting for you to try. For starters there’s $80 free when you sign up and create an account, plus when you decide to make your first deposit you’ll be able to claim a 520% bonus on top of your first account top-up. It’s a great site and definitely to check out if you’re getting tired of playing around on the same old Canadian Government owned gambling websites.

Although these two gambling sites mainly cater to UK based players it’s good to see that Canadian gamblers are still welcome in them regardless of where they’re based.

So if you’re in the land of the Maple Leaf and you’re looking to get your gambling fix you don’t have to worry about working your way around various laws and regulations as you can use one of the options we just covered to get your gambling fix in a short amount of time.

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