Bingo with Mycitadel

There is a whole load of excellent payment methods that you could opt for when you hit an online bingo site.  Sure, PayPal is of course the most universally known, but we think it is best that you have all the details of all the payment methods in case another one crops up.  Mycitadel is really not a very popular option – in fact, you will rarely see this method accepted at a bingo site.  Still – it does happen on occasion, and seeing as we have made it our mission to keep you very well informed, here is everything you need to know about this payment method!

What is Mycitadel?

The reason that you may not have even heard of this payment method is that it is a lot more popular in Canada, having been founded in 1999 by the Canadian Citadel Commerce Electronic Check Cashing System company.  At present, it is mostly available for use in the United States and Canada, but it has recently become available to the UK.  It is an E-Wallet service, so you will be familiar with the concept if you have ever used PayPal or Neteller, and it is completely free to deposit and pay with excellent security guarantees and protection against unauthorized payments.

How do You Use It?

You have to fund your account using your credit or debit card, and you can then use those funds to play bingo!  However, your details are never, ever shared with any third parties – even the online bingo site on which you which to play will not know your private details, which makes this payment method a lot safer than using your credit or debit card directly.  Crate your free account and fund it for free, and then you can make deposits (for free) as you wish.


Yes, there are fees linked to Mycitadel, particularly when you cash out any winnings.  You can only cash out using a cheque, and this is sent to you via First Class Mail for £3.50 or by Federal Express Courier for a whopping £28.50.  There is also a free if you try to deposit more than is in your account.  Overdraft fees sit at £3.00 each time, and Mycitadel also charges an annual administration free of £3.00 just of the pleasure of using the service.

Bingo Sites Accepting Mycitadel

At the moment, there are very few – if any – online bingo sites that accept Mycitadel, but the fact that it has only very recently become available to UK consumers has a lot to do with this. Betfred Bingo is currently the only UK bingo site accepting this method.

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