Bingo with Cashu

You may not have heard of CashU given that it is almost exclusively offered to consumers in North Africa and the Middle East, but as we have said on before, we want you to know all types of payment methods that could soon be available to UK players.

What is CashU?

CashU is a lot like the other payment methods that we feature on this site.  Another e-wallet service, it works by creating an account that you then fund using the likes of UKash, which makes it extremely safe as you never have to input your credit or debit card details.  You may think that using Ukash to deposit at CashU makes the latter a bit redundant – as Ukash is accepted by all major bingo sites – but remember, UKash still do not have any way for players to cash out their winnings!

Can you Cash Out?

At present, it does not look as if CashU allow users to transfer their funds from the CashU account to their bank accounts, so using this method you would simply have to use anything you win at an online bingo site to pay for goods online.


There are rather a lot of fees attached to CashU, more than most because they are not UK vendors and therefore you would be subject to currency fees that stand at 7%.  At present, all of the currency information is also shown as US dollars, so it is unclear if CashU is even available to UK consumers, which would of course be a huge con when it comes to choosing this payment method.  More fees include a maintenance fee of $1 for simply using CashU and they even issue a fee for NOT using your account!  They slap you with a $1 fee if your account is not used for 120 days.

More Cons than Pros?

At present, yes – it does appear that using CashU comes with more cons than pros.  Not only are there fees attached to everything excluding actually creating your free account, CashU do not appear to accept UK currency.  Further to this, no major online bingo sites currently accept this payment method, which further reinforces our suspicions that they do not accept UK currency.

The Future of CashU?

If CashU were to accept UK currency then this would be a great method of payment that is not unlike Neteller and Moneybookers/Skrill.