Bingo Sites with Reload Bonuses

Being a newbie on a bingo site is great and often we don’t want these times of special offers to end. Every site is lining up to give you an extra bonus on top of your first deposit but it’s possible to get these further down the line too.

What is a reload bonus?

A reload bonus works exactly like a first deposit bonus just not on your first deposit. These will be expressed as a percentage of your deposit and you’ll be awarded bonus funds based on how much you pay in.

How do I get a reload bonus?

Many sites offer a permeant reload bonus which can be triggered at any time. Others use them as a special promotional offer that you need to complete a task or deposit at a certain time to get. You can also receive them through a loyalty point scheme and often the players that deposit the most over their time on the site will receive the largest bonus.

Other ways to find these codes include in your email or text inbox, as many sites will give you a heads up when they have a special offer on. Make sure you use the correct contact information when you sign up to have these codes delivered to you.

You can also be notified of these codes through advertisement, like on your Facebook page. Take the time to like your bingo brand’s page to see these codes and offers when you’re idly browsing on your phone.

Can I cash out a reload bonus?

A reload bonus, much like a first deposit bonus, will come with certain terms and conditions to ensure that it’s not abused. Wagering requirements will come into place on these bonuses, so you won’t be able to cash them out until they’ve been wagered a set amount of times. This number will vary from site to site so when picking the reload bonus that you’re going to go for do a little research. This will stop you from having a whole load of bonus funds tied up in your account that you can’t withdraw.

Another term that comes with a reload bonus is a maximum bonus amount. If it’s a really great deal then the bingo operators won’t want to use all of their allocated bonuses on one player, instead they make it fairer and impose a cap on the bonuses per player. This lets as many people as possible play bonus reload bingo as no one player can claim all of the bonuses. There may also be a minimum deposit needed to claim the bonus, which can vary from promotion to promotion. Check this out before you deposit to make sure that you’re eligible for the bonus before you pay in.

Top sites with reload bonuses

To get the very best reload bonus bingo look no further than our list of top sites offering these promotions.

Wink Bingo – On this site there’s a reload code for the month which will be updated in the promotional section. These offer a minimum of 50% on top of your deposit and on some months you’ll get a special surprise when you see how much extra you’ve gotten.

Bingo Hollywood – As every celebrity knows, it’s great to get a freebie, and this site’s reload promotions will give you just that. Players that deposit between £5 and £50 will receive 75% extra on their deposit and those who splash out more than that will get 100% added on.

888 ladies – Here you’ll get 50% extra when you use the promo code for the month, which you can find easily on the site. They do advise that some months you’ll find even more in your account as a result of this code.