3 Signs You May be Obsessed with Bingo

Are you a bingo mad player? We like to think of ourselves as bingo pro players but we’re sure many of our readers are even more obsessed than we are. Check out our three signs to find out if you have a bingo addiction and what you can do about it.

Where We Love To Play

If you love sites that cater to the bingo obsessed players out there, then we’d suggest the following:

888 Ladies

– This site is one of our favourites as they really talk to their players, not just at them. They listen to the feedback of regular players plus you can bank up points in their loyalty scheme as a long term player. [Read more…]

Wink Bingo

– The offers are always changing on this site, making it exciting each time you log on. They have so many offers and reload bonuses, so even existing players get more for their money. [Read more...]

Tasty Bingo

– This sweet site has a wonderful community, something that every bingo fanatic will love. Their delicious offers will be sure to have you coming back long after the 300% welcome offer. [Read more…]

Bingo Hollywood

– This is where bingo players come to really feel like they’re being treated to the best offers. They have team tourneys, competitive games, progressive jackpots and more. [Read more…]

Just pop onto these sites to read their terms and conditions before you claim.

You Plan Ahead. Like WAY ahead.

The first sign that you may just be obsessed is when you think about bingo most of the time. You’re always planning what games you’re going to play, what snacks you’ll have on your side and even what bingo music you’ll be listening to.

If you can’t wait for Friday because it means a weekend of bingo then this is a sign of your love for bingo. You might even have your bingo charms and PJs at the ready right for when you start the bingo session. Our thoughts are pretty much always on bingo, so we can safely say we fit the first sign.

You Speak Bingo. It’s Not Just Lingo For You.

Do you sometimes let some bingo lingo slip out when you’re talking to people in real life? Maybe you’ve used a call instead of a number or said ‘GL all’ before a big event. This is when you know you’re into the game, as the chat becomes a part of your daily life.

The only way to make your peace with this is to embrace it, your friends will soon catch on to what you mean. Just like LOL and other abbreviations, these can quickly become understood by other people. It’s not likely to stop anytime soon, so you’re better off just getting accustomed to this!

You’re the Sherlock Holmes of Bingo.

If you know everything there is to know about bingo then you’re definitely a Sherlock Holmes of bingo. You know all the bonuses and promos on regular sites and you’re always the first to know about new ones. You’re the kind of player that other people ask for advice, as you just know how everything works.

If you find yourself trawling through sites and their T&Cs regularly, then you’ll probably be an obsessed player. You’re an experienced player and no one can match the knowledge that you have about playing bingo online.

Bingo mad readers are our favourites so don’t worry if you fall into this category. Often, these players get the most out of online bingo as they are experienced enough to know what they’re looking for. It’s all fun and games with bingo, so try one of our chosen sites out.