Skrill vs PayPal – Pros and Cons for Bingo Payments

When it comes to managing your money online you normally have a couple of options at your disposal. The main choice is normally Visa or Debit payments, but one method that’s become quite popular in the last couple of years is E-Wallets.

Two brands in particular, are leading that charge to modernisation in the gambling industry and those are Skrill and PayPal. Both of these methods have their own benefits and downsides; we’ve listed a couple of them below.

PayPal Pros- Why It Beats Skrill

When it comes to using PayPal you will encounter a number of benefits. To start with, they provide super-secure servers and instant transactions between your online bingo and bank accounts.

Also it gets the upper hand over Skrill in that PayPal is almost universally accepted across a wider range of websites and countries, whilst Skrill is rarely used and is banned in places like the US. Some banks are also incompatible with this payment plan while PayPal, on the other hand can work on a wide range of building societies.

It’s also a lot faster at transfers than Skrill, PayPal transfers appear instantly on your account whilst with Skrill they might take a little longer.

Overall, PayPal is ideal for players that want to quickly top up their accounts with cash and start playing bingo without having to jump through tons of hoops to get it to work.

PayPal Cons- Where Skrill Has the Edge

Where Skrill performs better than PayPal is that with Skrill you won’t have your account locked without warning as can often happen on PayPal. Usually when this happens you have to go through a lengthy identification process to get your account unlocked again.

Skrill also has a lower charge on currency transactions as theirs is just 1%, which is great for players based in one country like the UK who want to play on sites that are located in Europe for example.

Users of this Moneybookers service can also benefit from a monthly usage statement, which is ideal as it means you can keep track of how often you use it to transfer cash.

The Best Skrill Bingo Site

Since it’s a bit of a niche payment system there aren’t a lot of bingo sites that use it, we’ve made things easier by picking out one of the best bingo sites that accept Skrill to play on.

Glossy Bingo:

Not only does this site have lots of great bingo and side games to play, but they also have a great welcome bonus waiting for you.

When you join you will be able to claim a 250% bonus on top of your first deposit. But that’s not all because they’ve also got lots of daily, weekly and monthly jackpot games to play in.

The Best PayPal Site

PayPal is available on a wide range of websites, so many in fact that it can be a bit difficult to pick out one to play on. We’ve narrowed our list down to what we think is perhaps one of the best PayPal bingo sites to spend your cash on.

Wink Bingo:

Since they launched their new look this brilliant bingo site has brought out a bunch of new promotions. For starters, when you register for a new account you will be given £10 worth of bingo tickets for free.

Then when you make your first deposit you will be able to claim a 250% bonus, plus you will have the chance to win up to £1,000 in cash from their ‘Spin the Wheel’ feature.

Although both of these payment methods have positive and negative aspects to them, they’re both brilliant to use when you’re playing on a bingo site. If you need a third party system to manage your money and keep your card details safe then these are both equally great to use on various bingo sites.