Refer a Friend Bonus

One of the best bonuses you can get on a bingo site is a refer a friend bonus. This bonus has many benefits, not least because it allows you to play along with your friends, making it one of the best value deals you can find.

Top refer a friend sites

Here are a few of what we consider to be the best refer a friend bonuses on bingo sites:


New players get £5 absolutely free for joining mFortune. Get another £5 free for every friend you refer successfully!


Unlock a FREE fiver for every friend you refer to PocketWin!

What is a refer a friend bonus?

A refer a friend bingo bonus is usually a bonus cash amount or incentive, like perhaps an Amazon voucher or something similar, which is offered to players on a bingo site as a means to get their buddies to sign up and play along too. All players have to do to get the bonus is simply invite their friends either via email or using a special link provided by the bingo site. When a friend then signs up and makes their first deposit, the player is then credited with their bonus. Usually players are allowed to invite multiple friends along, meaning they can reap the bonus reward multiple times.

What types of bonus can you get?

There’s no set incentive awarded for referring your friends to a bingo site, and in fact depending on where you play you could get a range of different rewards for signing your friends up. The most common refer a friend bingo reward tends to be real cash. Most sites usually offer between £5 and even £20 per friend that you sign up. If you’ve got a lot of friends this could prove a real money-maker! Similarly, sites may offer bonus cash or points which equate to a similar value, although you might not be able to cash this out, you’ll still be able to spend the £20 on bingo or slots to try and net a huge prize.

Another common bonus prize to receive is a voucher. Often these will be refundable at Amazon or in various outlets on and offline if a Love2Shop voucher is awarded. Again, they will be dished out in similar values to the bonus and cash amounts, so the usual bonus is between £5 and £20 vouchers per friend signed up.

Terms and Conditions

Each site will vary in terms of what type of bonus they will offer, and as such will put certain conditions on the bonuses which players need to be aware of. The most common term to look out for is in regards to the payment of the bonus. It’s not usually enough to simply invite your friends to play along – they’ll have to sign up to the site and play along too. Most sites will state that a friend has to deposit cash to the site before a bonus will be paid. This means your friend has to be a funded player before you can expect your cash or voucher.

Also, it’s worth checking the small print to see if there’s a cap on the amount of friends you can invite to play. Of course everybody has a different number of friends but bingo sites may cap the number of friends you’re allowed to refer purely for the amount of bonus you would receive as a result.