Real Money Bingo

When we think of bingo we always think of the caller and the balls, and the tickets we have to daub off to try and win. Often the questions we ask are usually along the lines of what type of bingo are we playing, is it 90 ball or 75 ball bingo? However there’s another question to ask too – are you playing real money bingo or just for fun bingo?

What is real money bingo?

As the name suggests, real money bingo is where you play bingo for cash, by purchasing tickets using your own money to play along. Like the traditional way you’d play bingo in a hall, players can also join real money bingo sites to play online with cash and for cash. Ticket prices can vary from site to site and from game to game, so the hobby doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, yet can still net you a lucrative win or two from an enjoyable game played with your spare change.

Real money games are of course called so in comparison to their just for fun alternatives. Just for fun bingo games or social bingo games differ from real money bingo games in a number of ways but the most obvious is in the fact that with just for fun games you don’t have to spend any cash at all. Some just for fun games will allow you to make in-game purchases to buy more credits or power-ups, but for the most part these games are completely free. However as they don’t cost any cash to play, it also means there are no cash prizes to be won either.

This can either be a help or hindrance. If you’re not bothered about winning big and just enjoy the game of bingo for what it is, as a way to pass the time or chat to friends in chatrooms then just for fun bingo is ideal. However real money bingo is the kind of game that could change your life. Yes, it costs money to buy tickets and join in, but the potential cash rewards – and also non-money prizes available – far outweigh ticket costs.


RTP stands for return to player, and is a term used in real money bingo. It describes the probability of what a player can expect to receive in return from playing a bingo or slot game online. Most games have their own RTP percentage, and these can vary both from game to game and site to site.

If, for example, a 90 ball bingo game had a return to player percentage of 95%, this would mean a player could then expect to receive back 95% of their spend from playing on the game. So if you then spent £10 on bingo tickets on this specific game over a day, you could theoretically expect to receive £9.50 in winnings from this spend. However these percentages are not exact and shouldn’t be relied upon when playing games – after all, it all comes down to chance in the end. That’s why you read stories about one player who only spent £2 on tickets and won a £10,000 jackpot and so on.

Top real money bingo sites

Here are some of the best places to play if you’re looking for a real money bingo site to win big on:

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mFortune: Get a £5 free no deposit bonus to join this bingo site and start playing real money bingo game for free. You can even keep what you win from your freebie.

888 Ladies Bingo: Get a 400% bonus when you join this site and make your first deposit. Real money bingo has never come with such great value!