Progressive Jackpot Bingo

Progressive jackpot bingo is one of the biggest attractions that could appear on a bingo site and it’s definitely something players look out for when joining a brand. It’s a jackpot that starts at a certain amount and will continue to grow until someone wins it. The longer it takes to be scooped by one lucky player – the bigger the jackpot will get. These jackpots can go up to millions of pounds, so you could walk away with enough to set you up for life.

The Difference Between this and Guaranteed Jackpots

With a bingo progessive jackpot – you need to call bingo under a certain ball count to win it, this isn’t the case with guaranteed jackpot games. With a guaranteed game, the amount that can be won no matter how quickly you win it you will always win the same as stated before the game begins.

There are other types of jackpots too such as sliding jackpots. These are similar to progressive games in that you need to bingo under a certain amount to win the huge prize fund, and the longer you take to win – the smaller the prize will be. Coverall jackpots are also available, to bag this one all you need to do is make sure that you cover all the numbers first.

What Sites have Progressive Jackpots?

There are a lot of progressive jackpot bingo sites out there – so we thought we would help you on your way to finding the best ones, so you can win some huge cash.

Bingo Hollywood

Bingo Hollywood is powered by Dragonfish and will give you a warm welcome. With a 500% first deposit bonus waiting on you, you can deposit just £10 – and have £60 to play with. There are some geat 75 ball and 90 ball progressive games out there that you can get your hands on. As well as this you can also play team bingo, free bingo, enjoy guaranteed jackpots and get yourself some reload bonus fun.

Wink Bingo

This bingo site is part of the Joy of Bingo network and once agin powered by Dragonfish. There is a 250% welcome bonus on the go with this one – so you would have £35 to play with on a tenner deposit. But there is also the extra treat of being able to Spin the Wheel where there is a minimum of £10 guaranteed. Here there are 2 kinds of progressive jackpots. With the 75 ball games you need to bingo in 34 calls or under and 3 games play every hour. With the 90 ball bingo game, it’s the full house prize that will trigger the jackpot. Here you need to bingo in 37 calls or less and it will start growin from £100.

Tasty Bingo

This delicious bingo site is also part of the Joy of Bingo network. On your first deposit of £10, you will have £40 to play with and you can enjoy some free bingo that is exclusive to newbies. There is the Chocolate Sundae progressive jackpot which is a 90 ball bingo and the 75 ball bingo progressive jackpot which is aptly named Banana Split jackpot. There are tonnes of guarnateed jackpots too, and you can have a spin on your pick of progressive slots.

As you can see – progressive jackpot games could be a life changer, which is why there is lots of focus on them. There are tonnes of bingo sites out there that offer these, but hopefully you will be able to start with our handy list.