PayPal and Bingo in the USA

If there’s one form of gambling that’s incredibly popular it’s bingo and one thing that works well with bingo is the ability to handle all our payments into our gambling accounts with PayPal.

It’s loved the world over but unfortunately in America it can be difficult to play bingo for real cash using the popular PayPal option.

Why Is It More Difficult In The USA?

Online gambling is more difficult in the states because there are much stricter rules in place for anyone that want’s to gamble online. This is down to the fact that some gambling genres are regarded as games of ‘chance’ rather than skill.

So in what they thought was a way to protect players from being scammed by games they can’t win a lot of gambling sites and games were prohibited.

In fact in 2006 a law was passed that caused some of the major gambling operators like PartyGaming, Bwin, Sportingbet and Cassava Enterprises to be banned from conducting real money transactions with any Americans located inside of the US.

This law then changed to prohibit any financial transactions that involved online gambling websites so you could still play for free but you weren’t allowed to deposit or withdraw any money.

Also individual states are allowed to regulate certain genres so gambling providers have to tip-toe around tons of laws and regulations connected to gambling in the US. There’s so many that they often don’t provide services because it’s too much of a legal minefield to make sure that each customer is based in a state that allows online gambling.

Why isn’t PayPal Bingo an Option?

Of course it’s not just bingo that’s restricted, PayPal is also heavily regulated by both its own policy’s and the gambling laws put in place in America.

For starters in PayPal’s user policy they state that they don’t allow any payments made by their US customers that are going towards gambling websites or other gambling related activities.

They employ this policy for American customers for the same reason that a lot of bingo websites and gambling providers do, to avoid any unforeseen legal situation that might pop up from their US customer base.

One of the main concerns of the US government is that anyone using a PayPal account on a gambling website might be doing so to launder money, of course this does seem ridiculous but it’s their own policy that they created.

So for now the PayPal bingo USA option is non-existent, but hopefully in the future they may change this as it can be quite a lucrative income source.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Although it may seem like it’s borderline impossible to get your gambling fix online if you’re American or based in the US there are still a few options you can turn to that are both legal and extremely fun to play with.

Even though the majority of US players accepted that they won’t get to play bingo for real money there are still tons of options for you to choose from.

For starters you could try using a free app for your mobile, like Bingo Blitz for example. This free-to-play app has a worldwide audience and tons of fun features to try out like Blackout where you uncover shadowed cards, Loteria that has you matching coloured cards to win exclusive game collectibles.

Or if you don’t own a smartphone you could always try your luck on a few websites that accept American players like 123Bingo for example. With $25 for free when you join and 600% for your first deposit, 500% for your second and 400% for your third you’re guaranteed to get tons of cash from this site.

Another option is to try New Bingo Billy, this site will give you $80 for free when you join and there’s a brilliant 520% welcome bonus for making your first deposit. Of course neither of these online bingo options supports PayPal but it’s still a viable option to use if you’re desperate to get your gambling fix.

Another thing worthy trying is to regularly check what the PayPal’s latest payment processing policy for gambling online is, because you never know, perhaps one day they might change it.

So whether it’s with free apps for your phone or bingo websites that accept American players, there are still lots of different ways for you to play your favourite online gambling games without having to worry about the legality of it all.

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