Neteller vs PayPal – Battle of the Big Bingo eWallets

There is a multitude of different ways to manage how your money goes into your online bingo account and by far the most popular is an online e-Wallet system. Of that method there are two brands which stand out from the rest, those are PayPal and Neteller.

Both of these systems have their own benefits as well as a couple of issues; we’ve picked out a few you might encounter.

Neteller Pros – Why it’s better than PayPal

Of course both of these systems have instant transaction speeds and super-secure servers; there are a few areas where Neteller breaks ahead of PayPal.

For example, Neteller accounts will never be locked without warning as their customer service team will normally contact you if there’s been any unusual activity. Whilst PayPal, on the other hand, is notorious for locking the accounts of their users without warning or good reason. Also to have your PayPal account unlocked again you often need to go through a lengthy identification process.

If your Neteller account is ever locked on that rare occasion you just need to contact them, provide some security information and then you can get back to using it within minutes.

Also, it’s easier to use as they keep explanations and setups easy to understand and simple to operate.  It’s ideal for anyone that wants to quickly get in and fill up their bingo account with cash without having to go through tons of text instructions and different menus.

Neteller Cons – Where PayPal Takes the Lead

This is where PayPal starts to crawl back the lead as Neteller is far from a perfect system. For example, unlike PayPal it comes with a lot of additional fees and charges that you might not initially be aware of.

To start off with a lot of bank accounts that are linked with this system will usually charge an interest rate on deposits. The amount you have to pay for this can vary greatly from each bank or building society operates with different rates and additional charges.

Also, when you’re taking cash out of your online bingo account you will usually be charged an admin fee for handling your money. You normally have to pay £5, which in itself may not seem like much, but when you’re making several withdrawals it can quickly become a bit expensive.

PayPal is also accepted on a wider range of bingo websites, this in turn makes finding a PayPal compatible website to play on incredibly easy as you won’t have to hunt for one for long.

This also great for bingo players that like to shop around for the best deal as this universal acceptance means you don’t have to confine yourself to a small number of sites to play on.

Best Sites for Neteller Bingo

Speaking of sites to play on, here’s a small selection of what we think are the best bingo sites that accept Neteller to use.

Bingo Hollywood:

Making a first deposit on this LA themed bingo site will land you a 3005 bonus and 1,000 Star Points to spend on unlocking extra rewards from their loyalty programme.

Mecca Bingo:

Sign up for this iconic site and deposit then spend £10 and they will give you £50 to play with online as well as £10 to use in any Mecca Bingo club.

Top Sites for PayPal Bingo

To keep things fair here is a small selection of sites you can use to get your top PayPal bingos fix.

Tasty Bingo:

When you make a first deposit of at least £10 on this fabulous food themed site you will be given £40 to spend on the site however you like.

Wink Bingo:

This splendid site will reward you with £10 in bingo tickets when you register for an account. Then after you make your first deposit you will be given a 250% bonus as well as the chance to spin a wheel to win up to £1,000 in cash.

Although both of these systems have their own positive and negative attributes they are arguably the best ones you can use. So in the future if you’re looking for an e-Wallet to use, you definitely can’t go wrong with these two.