Instadebit Bingo

This is another of those not-so-well known online bingo payment methods.  In fact, very little is actually known about Instadebit in regards to the UK bingo industry, but mainly because this is actually a Canadian company.  Whilst it is an immensely popular method over the pond, it is virtually unknown in the UK, but it is such a great method that I am determined to get the Instadebit word out there!  Whilst the official website speaks about the Canadian banking network only, don’t let that put you off!  UK citizens can use this method as easily as Canadians – they are obviously just very proud of their home-grown payment method!

Instadebit Explained

This little treat, Instadebit, is an online e-wallet service that allows you to send funds from your credit or debit card to your online account.  You simply have to head to the official site and create an account first.  The best part is that unlike every single e-wallet account excluding PayPal, Instadebit is free to fund. You don’t have to spend any of your hard earned cash to get your funds from your bank account to your Instadebit account.

Playing Bingo with Instadebit

Once you have your Instadebit account ready, just head to the site you have your eye on.  It may surprise you to earn that a lot of bingo sites accept Instadebit, from big name players like Bet365 and Ruby Bingo to new sites like Winner Bingo.  When you decide to fund your account using this method, the only info you need is the email address and password that you registered with Instadebit when you joined.  After you have made your first deposit and the bingo site has your details, you can then deposit bingo payment with just 1 click without having to input your Instadebit details again!

Instadebit Perks

Safety – it’s all about safety, people!  Creating an Instadebit account means that you don’t ever have to input your private details on any bingo site, all you need is your email and password.  The fact that it is free to fund and free to move cash to your chosen site is also a plus, as not a lot of e-wallet services offer this perk.

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Instadebit Downfalls

Don’t get TOO excited when we say it is free – it’s not 100% so.  Yes it is free to create your account and to transfer cash to an Instadebit bingo site, but there is a fee to move funds from Instadebit back to your credit card – not so good if you plan on bagging a jackpot, which is a given!  Instadebit also state that they issue you with a “Collection Fee” of $15 CAD – however they do not explain what this is ANYWHERE on their site, and they do not state how often you have to pay this, which is a major downfall in my book.