EntroPay Bingo

EntroPay is one of the newest ways to pay online, which means that not a lot of bingo sites accept this method of payment yet. However, as demand for Entropay bingo sites grow, so too with the amount of sites actually offering this as payment method.  It is also good to point out that the official EntroPay site claims that you can use it whenever you see the VISA mark.  Though this is true of some sites, it is not true of others.  Some sites only allow you to use this where you see the EntroPay logo, and I think that this is the best way to choose your site.

Safety First!

The main reason to use an EntroPay card as opposed to your credit or debit card is safety.  Just like other alternative payment methods, you do not have to input your credit or debit cards to every site that you fancy the look of, which means that your details are not splashed all over the internet! See the latest reviews of secure bingo games, read about Mecca and Jackpot Joy.

What is EntroPay?

EntroPay is basically an electronic Visa Card, so you know that this method of payment is reliable and trusted.  Dubbed the “Virtual Visa” this is a pre-paid card that you can fund with your debit or credit card.  Once you head to the official Entropay site and open your account, you will receive your instant virtual card that works in the exact same way as your tangible credit or debit card.  It comes complete with a 16 digit number on the front.  It then allows you to make quick and very safe payments to your bingo site.

EntroPay Pros

The biggest pro, again, is safety.  Using your virtual card means not have to input your credit and debit card details.  Also, the fact that you have to fund your account every time you want to top up means:

  • In the unlikely event that your EntroPay details fall into the wrong hands, there should be little or no cash in your account if you have already transferred it to your chosen EntroPay bingo site
  • It can curb your spending!  Not only will you have your own predetermined lump of cash on the card to spend, you can also view your transactions easily by logging into your account.  This means that you could log in and think “Oops – better stop spending for now!”

EntroPay Cons

The only con that I could possibly find is the fact that they issue fees to fund your account.  Whilst this is not unusual in the world of alternative payments, it is a bit of a pain when other payment methods are completely free.  Not only are you charged quite a substantial amount – 4.95% – to send funds TO your account, you are also charged £3 every single time you want to return your cash to your credit or debit card. But that’s not all – EntroPay even charge you to receive cash from a bingo site INTO your account – 1.95% every time you scoop a bingo jackpot and want to withdraw! If you are using EntroPay to deposit at online bingo gaming site on a regular basis, this means you can rack up quite a large amount of fees!