Bingo with Solo

Solo is basically a type of debit card – like Visa Electron and so on – that is used predominantly in the UK.  The great thing about using your Solo card to deposit is that it is accepted at every single bingo site that you could possibly think of!  Even if the specific SOLO logo cannot be seen on your bingo site, the chances are that it is still accepted given that all debit cards are accepted.  This means that when it come sot choosing a site, the world is your oyster!

Using Solo to Deposit at an Online Bingo Site

It is very handy and can be a lot quicker than having to go and create an e-wallet or PayPal account, but it may not be an awfully good idea in the long run.  Sure, all online big sites are fitted with encryption software to ensure that your details are kept safe and they would never, ever share those details with a third party site.  However, we all know that fraud and identity theft DOES happen – in fact, it is thought that a whopping 9 people a SECOND worldwide are unknowingly falling victim to this crime.  This makes it a whole lot harder to justify using a debit card to deposit, especially given that there are so many alternative payment methods out there.

The Perks of Using Solo

The only great perk that we can see when it comes to using a debit card is that the funds are lifted straight from your account.  This means that – unlike a credit card – there are no fees involved.  Using your Solo card to deposit is 100% free and of course it means that you can cash out using the same method and can hit your ATM to withdraw tangible cash.  This is not an option with a lot of bingo payment methods, so it is the biggest perk of using Solo.

Bingo Sites Accepting Solo

As stated, pretty much every single bingo site that you will ever land on will accept this payment method.  It is widely used within the UK and therefore a standard method.  You have your pick of the bingo litter – from big named brands to smaller, under-dog bingo brands:

And many, many more are available to you!