Bingo Sites with Slots

Slot games are becoming ever more popular with bingo players as they love the additional chances to win. Though there may not be a whole lot of strategy involved, there are still some handy tips that can make these games more enjoyable and rewarding.

Our Top Picks for Bingo Sites with Slots

Dive right into the world of these games with the best bingo sites with slots below:

Wink Bingo – With a dazzling array of both bingo and slot games, you really can’t go wrong by playing here!

Big Tease Bingo – Snap up 25 no deposit free spins from this site to get you playing on their slots. You won’t regret it.

PocketWin Bingo – With a £5 no deposit bonus, there’s no reason not to check out this bingo and slots site.

mFortune Bingo – Take this site wherever you go on your mobile device so you get all of the slots action on the move.

T&Cs apply, read them on their respective bingo sites.

Why Play Slots On A Bingo Site?

If you’re quite content playing your usual bingo games then it may never have occurred to you to get playing slots too. Here are the pros and cons of doing so:


  • Can be refreshing if you’re a bit bored of bingo
  • Jackpots can be millions of pounds
  • The return to player can be bigger than bingo
  • Games have enticing themes
  • Slot games are interesting and often have bonus features
  • Many sites allow you to play both bingo and slots at the same time
  • They offer a lot of flexibility in when you play and how much you wager
  • They don’t take a long time to play


  • You can lose a fair bit of cash quickly
  • Wagering requirements can be larger on a games bonus
  • Some games are real cash only, such as progressive jackpots
  • It can be harder to find games bonuses on bingo sites
  • There are different terms and conditions on the likes of free spins

There are many ways to get into playing slot games, whether you play a hybrid game like Slingo or use the lobby’s functionality to play both at once. With the huge amount of flexibility that these games offer, there’s really nothing stopping you from experimenting a bit.

How to Score Some Spins on Bingo Sites

Before you go ahead and play on PayPal slots, you’ll want some bonuses to get you started! Here are some of the ways you can get these from bingo sites with slots:

  • Bonus codes can offer you free spins or games bonuses
  • Special promos can target slots
  • Free spins promos may challenge you to play in bingo games to win them
  • VIPs are usually given some form of games bonus
  • Newbie offers can also contain an element of free spins

As with most games, if you get bonuses you get more chances to win so it’s worth looking for freebies.

Types of Slots

When you get started playing on slot games, you may not realise that there are many different types of them. In addition to having different themes, they can also have different styles and gameplay. Here are some of the most common ones that you’ll find online:

Classic Three Reel Slots

If you had to imaging a classic fruit machine or slot game, the three reel structure is probably what comes to mind. These are usually made up of three spinning reels with a single payline in the middle. They’re very simple to play and they usually have all of the symbol values displayed at all times, making them great for newbies.

Multi Payline Slots

Classic slots may just have a single payline but more modern ones usually have many of them, they can even have hundreds! Five reel slots are the most common of these games and they can even allow you to change how many paylines you have active. Generally they have players stipulate a bet per line and then multiply this by the number of active lines, the more active lines the higher your chance of winning.

No Reel Slots

These aren’t super common though there are some out there. In no reel slots, the symbols are suspended and look slightly different to your average slot. They work similarly to slot games with reels, it’s mostly an aesthetic change.

Video Slots

This name can be applied to most slot games you can play online. They’re played like video games on your computer or tablet, it’s just that simple!

3D Slots

Many slots have 3D elements in there too, like characters, reels and even backgrounds. These are the more modern slot games out there and they’re usually super easy to play.

Flat Top and Progressive Slots

When it comes to the jackpots that are involved with slot games, there are two main types. Flat top slots are ones that pay you a multiple of what you wager, with a fixed upper level.

Progressive games generate their jackpots from each bet made on the game. They’ll take a percentage and add it directly to the prize fund. When you play these games online, the jackpot may be on a single game, one site, a group of games or a group of sites.

The wider the area the jackpot game covers, the larger your potential prize is. When compared to a flat top slot however, the return to player percentage that applies to progressive jackpots can be much lower. Basically, it’s a tossup between whether you want the chance to win more or more often.

Some players find progressive jackpots more exciting whereas other players like the relative safety of flat top slots. It really comes down to what you’re looking for from your gaming time.


If you’ve never played on a slot game before, there’s no time like the present! With freebies going from new bingo sites with slots, you can test these games out with little to no investment. They’re so easy to play, you’ll become a master in no time at all!