Bingo Sites with Newbie Rooms

There are lots of bingo sites available online which allow players to join in free newbie rooms. These rooms offer players the opportunity to pick up some fantastic wins for free. So what exactly are newbie rooms, and what is the best way for a bingo player to profit from them?

What are newbie rooms and what do they typically offer?

Newbie rooms are usually free rooms which are only open to new players on a bingo site, where the players can join in games for free. This may work in a number of ways; players on the site may be granted entry in the first few days following their sign up, usually between 3 days to a week. Sites may have a newbie room which only opens once a week, and players can only enter if they have joined the site within the last seven days. The types of prizes you can win in the newbie room vary from site to site. Some offer small amounts of real cash; others let you win bonus cash on the site, and some allow you to win VIP points, meaning you can build up your VIP status on the site immediately.

How do newbie room offers compare to other bingo sign up bonuses?

Overall, a free room is a pretty good deal when signing up to a bingo site. It gives you the opportunity to make some free wins, and usually there shouldn’t be any wagering requirements to watch out for, although the prizes may me relatively low. Plus, it lets you get to know other new players on the site. On the flip side, other sign up promotions such as free bonus allows you far more flexibility on the site. For example, a no deposit bonus can be spend on numerous bingo games across a bingo site, and also on slots and casino games. This means that you get a better overall vision of what a site is like, and the kinds of games you can play on it. What’s more, you can play for bigger prizes rather than bonus cash or small cash jackpots.

Newbie room hints and tips

So how do you get your best bang for your buck out of the newbie room? For a start, you can search out sites which allow you access to the newbie room before you’ve made your first deposit on the site. This lets you get to know the game before going for a monetary commitment. You can also look out for special free games such as Superbook games, which are free for everyone to join in; but people who do decide to pay are eligible for winning much larger prizes.

Best newbie room offers:

There are lots of fantastic bingo sites with free newbie rooms available for you to play online. So how do you find the best ones? Luckily we’ve got loads of fantastic reviews on this site so you can track down the best offers. First though, here’s a few of our personal favourite sites on which you can find fantastic free bingo rooms.

888 Ladies – Enjoy £40 free with 888 ladies as they give you a 400% first deposit bonus. So if you deposit £10 on the site, you can end up playing with £50.

Bingo Hollywood – This glamorous bingo site starts you off with a 500% bonus on your first deposit. That means that if you make your first deposit on the site £10, you will receive a further £30 on top of it in bonus cash.

Wink Bingo – Wink Bingo is another site which offers a fantastic 400% bonus on your first deposit. So you really can pick up some great profits with your bonus cash. Wink is a straightforward site with an attractive, simple design and lots of great prizes and promotions. Be sure to check it out!

Now that you know all about bingo sites with newbie rooms, you can try one out for yourself! Take a look at some of the ones listed on this page, or else have a trawl through our review section to find out where you can get the very best deals. Enjoy!