Biggest Payout Slots

Part of the joy of playing on slot games is winning and looking for the best payout slots can help you on your quest for a jackpot. Join us in this article to learn about these slots, how to find them and how to win big!

Where to Play the Loosest Slots?

The following sites all have high payout slots for you to check out:

Hollywood Bingo – Rock up to the red carpet here and claim your no deposit bonus for 3 days of free bingo and 25 spins on Fluffy Too.

Big Tease Bingo – This naughty bingo site has a whole load of great slots, plus you can claim a 500% first deposit bonus to play.

Wink Bingo – If you love slots then be sure to play here, use our special sign up link for 500% on top of your very first deposit.

Be sure to look at the terms and conditions of these offers before you start playing.

What is RTP?

A lot of slot game players place an emphasis on the RTP of a game, though it can be hard to find an explanation of what the best RTP slots actually are. The RTP, or return to player, is a figure that you’ll find in a slot game that is the average of all wins and losses. This magic formula is your guide to finding out which games are statistically more likely to allow you to win.

The return to player is calculated by the developer and they use all sorts of aspects to figure it out. This legally has to be correct and the RTP can’t be misrepresented by the game in any way. You’ll be able to find this in the paytable of a slot or in the information section of the game in general.

You can really take RTP on a case by case basis to work out what’s best for you. Just think of it as an ‘if I played 100 games how many games could I expect to win?’ then the RTP will be your answer.

Looking for a Shoo In?

We like to think that the best playing slot games are guaranteed to make us a quick buck but in reality, nothing is guaranteed with playing online games. Obviously, if there were loose slots that always paid you money then the casino site wouldn’t be making any money. While they can get you close to 100% RTP, you won’t find any that are above the high 90s.

Bloodsuckers Slot

We can’t get enough of this slightly twisted slot game, we’re so happy it now has a sequel to play on too. You can play this game at Wink Bingo and try your luck with their high 98% RTP, this game is fab for any fan of the macabre.

Gonzo’s Quest

If you head over to Bingo Hollywood then you can play on this wildly popular slot game, which has inspired a load of other adventure themed slot games. We think the original is still the best and with an RTP of 96% you’ll be bound to have a grand adventure on this slot.

Monopoly Big Event

Play this board game themed slot at Big Tease Bingo if you want to make your way around that game board. Pass go and collect your winnings, thanks to an RTP of 96% and great bonus rounds you’ll be on your way to a win with this game before you know it.

Insider Tips

If you’re already playing on the best online slots to win money then you can also use these tips too to improve your chances:

  • Check the RTP before you play, if you can’t find it then it’s best to steer away from these games, as you simply don’t know what you’re dealing with.
  • If you want to play a progressive jackpot version of a game then you should expect that it will have a lower RTP, as the jackpot is the larger incentive.
  • Some older games can have a higher RTP, check into older slot games if you want to try your luck, looks aren’t everything!
  • Only play on fair sites, even if you think they have better slots you probably won’t get paid out fairly if the site is illegal or unregulated.

These tips might just help you along to greater success, so bear them in mind!


All in all, this is a pretty handy statistic for you to be aware of, as it will help you to find out the mathematical probabilities for the game. There are other factors to think about too and after all, slot games should be fun so don’t place too much emphasis on the numbers. Be sure to think about all factors, like bonus funds, T&Cs and other features to make sure you’re getting the best deal.