Android bingo sites that accept PayPal

Mobile gaming is becoming more and more popular with users, it’s a fun and fast way to play, but security should come first with any online gaming experience. This is where PayPal comes in, it’s the safest way to play online and it’s big enough that loads of Android bingo sites that accept PayPal.

What are the pros and cons of using an Android to play bingo?

The biggest pro to mobile gaming is that you can play wherever there’s internet, so it’s perfect if you’re always on the move. The ability to win on the go is something we could all use in our busy day to day lives and an Android device can be a good way to achieve this. There are also loads of free Android bingo games to get you started with the mobile experience.

Android devices come from a variety of manufacturers which means there is a lot of wiggle room on prices. This gives you more choice on how much you want to spend and what sort of performance you’re looking for. If you want a superfast device you can splash out but if you want a more affordable device you’ll still have everything you need to play.

You can also download a bingo app for Android and set it to your home screen so you can access your favourite games with just one tap. This is great for players who just have a few free minutes to get their bingo fix as there’s no time waiting around for the game to load, which means more time winning for you.

Browser-based sites vs Downloadable apps

It’s not all about apps when playing with a mobile device you can access some sites by just logging on with your smartphone or tablet. The site will detect that you’re on mobile and readjust the settings for you. This is great if you want to get into the action without waiting for an app to load, and you’ll get the exact same experience as you do on the desktop site.

If you do chose to download an app this comes with benefits too, they tend to be faster to load up and run. You can also access it easily without having to enter a site address and it’ll keep you logged in so you don’t need to enter your username and password every time.

Deciding between an app and a browser based site depends on what exactly you want, and it’s great to have the choice of 2 different ways to play.

How to stay safe?

As with any form of online payment it’s important to keep your card details safe from scammers and PayPal will help you do this. Their protection is top notch and will make sure that no unscrupulous person ever sees your card details. It’s mostly common sense, it’s much safer to authorise PayPal to arrange payment than to enter your card details on many different sites. Keeping an eye on your account is also advisable as it will stop any fraud from going unchecked.

Top Android compatible sites

If you want to try playing with your Android device a good site to start on is Wink Bingo, they’ll give you £50 to play with when you deposit £10 so you can play lots of games for free as a trial.

mFortune is another great provider that rewards you just for signing up with a £5 no deposit bonus.

888 Ladies Bingo is also top notch, has a range of games and will give you £50 to play with when you deposit £10.